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Simple Valve Type Orifice Plate Flowmeter

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1. The product of this type is only provided with features of valve-type orifice plate pressure device without orifice plate lifting mechanism. Fluid transmission has to be stopped for replacement of orifice plate. Yet it features simple structure and lower price.

2. The manufacturer can supply complete set of device shown, the size of the openings decided by the customer.

3. The device can be installed in any direction.



1. Typical application: metering of natural gas and gas main pipelines, or gas distribution station with large flow.

2. Suitable medium: purified natural gas, sour natural gas, air and cleaning oil.

3. Medium temperature: -29℃~121℃

4. Pressure Class: PN1.6~16MPa (class150~900) (to be customized when over 16MPa/class900)

5. Size: DN50~DN600mm (to be customized when above 700mm.

● MAIN STANDARDS                                                                      

AGA3/AGA8 Orifice Metering of Natural Gas/ Compressibility Factors of Natural Gas and other Related Hydrocarbon Gases

GB/T2624   Measurement of Fluid Flow by Means of Orifice Plates, Nozzles and Venturi Tubes Inserted in Circular Cross-section Conduits Running Full.        

GB/T21446  Metering the Flow Rate of Natural Gas With Standard Orifice Plate.

JB/T7252     Valve Type Orifice Plate Pressure Device.

JJG640        Pressure Differential flowmeter (Regulations governing metrological verification of the People’s Republic of China).

JB/T82         Steel Pipe Welding Neck Flanges with Male and Female Face (Male and Female Face as well when for low pressure).  

GB/T5464    General-purpose Specification for the Packaging of Instrumentation Products.

GB/T8603   Technical Requirements of Measuring Systems for Natural Gas

● MATERIAL OF MAIN PARTS                                                          

Name of Parts

Non-Sulphur resistant

Sulphur resistant

Body, Bonnet

WCB Casting steel

Orifice Plate

Austenitic Stainless Steel

Sealing Plate

Rubber 5080

Fluorine rubber F370

Valve Plate



Mating Flanges

20 (unless otherwise specified in contract)

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