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Trunnion Ball Valve (Side Entry)

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Upstream Sealing Bi-directional Valve

Advanced preloading spring floating seat rings and upstream sealing design principle to satisfy reliable sealing whatsoever the valve is under low pressure, high pressure or vacuum. Each valve has two seat rings and two sides can be sealed, no direction limitation required. The valve is a kind of bi-direction valve that whichever side can be used as upstream side.

Double Block & Bleed

The flow can be complete blocked when valve is at full close position. At the full close and full open position, the deposition contamination or media in valve body cavity can be bled also. And if contamination is bled regularly, the damage from contamination to valve sealing surface can be reduced and valve service life can be extended.

Double Block: Trunnion Ball Valves are made with pre-loading spring floating seat rings, the service flow can be fully blocked by upstream and downstream seat rings no matter valve is in fully open or fully close position.

Double Bleed: If the pressure of the body cavity unusually rises up, the trunnion valve can automatically relieve the pressure by compressing springs in the spring pre-tighting seat package. It is very important for the valve safety during transporting the liquid medium.

Full Bore or Reduced Bore

Full bore or reduced bore is chose upon request. Port dimension of full bore size can satisfy the requirement of API 6D standard, low flow resistance, suitable for piggable.

Fire Proof Design API607/API6FA

When the non-metal seat are softened and burnt in case of the fire or unusual temperature increase, the seat retainer, under the duty of the spring, will touch with the ball and form a metal -to-metal contact, which can prevent internal leak: meanwhile, the middle flange and the upper part and lower part of the stem will form a metal-to-metal contact which can prevent external leak and conform to API6FA or API607.

Emergency Sealant Injection Sealing

Sealant can be injected through emergency sealant injection to realize emergency sealing after damage of seat and stem sealing systems.

Stem Extension

Valve stem can be extended against the requirement of assembling or operation and the size of the extended stem shall be upon the request of customers. The ball valves with extended stem are especially suitable for occasions of pipelines under ground for city coal gas. 

Easy Operation

TEFLON seats and stem bearings with low friction and good self-lubrication performance to reduce the valve operation torque, so even if no sealing lubrication, the valve can also be limberly operated for long period.

Optional Operation Mode

Handle operated, worm gear operated, pneumatic-hydraulic operated, motor operated, pneumatic operated mode can be chose upon request. 

Inner Support Structure

Valve ball is hided in valve body to reduce the possibility of external leakage, so sealing and support is more reliable.

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